Through the Tunnel

… ist eine schöne „story of initiation“ von Doris Lessing:

Jerry, a young English boy, and his mother are vacationing at a beach they have come to many times in years past. Though the beach’s location is not given, it is implied to be in a country that is foreign to them both. Each tries to please the other and not to impose too many demands. The mother, who is a widow, is “determined to be neither possessive nor lacking in devotion,” and Jerry, in turn, acts from an “unfailing impulse of contrition — a sort of chivalry.”

On the second morning, however, Jerry lets it slip that he would like to explore a “wild and rocky bay” he has glimpsed from the path. His conscientious mother sends him on his way with what she hopes is a casual air, and Jerry leaves behind the crowded “safe beach” where he has always played. A strong swimmer, Jerry plunges in and goes so far out that he can see his mother only as a small yellow speck back on the other beach. Weiterlesen …

Abgesehen davon, dass die Geschichte einfach spannend ist („Wird Jerry es schaffen?“), eignet sie sich vor allem für die Analyse von Symbolen und ihrer Bedeutung für die Geschichte. Sprachlich ist die Story bereits für eine 11te machbar. Sie ist abgedruckt in „Invitation to Literature“ (Cornelsen) auf S. 8-14.


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