Big Mouth and Ugly Girl

ist ein Jugendroman von Joyce Carol Oates.

A highly regarded writer of adult novels, Joyce Carol Oates has turned her remarkable talents to writing for younger readers. This is an utterly absorbing book about two 16-year-old high school students, and the relationship that develops between them following a police investigation. Matt Donaghy is bright, popular and good-looking but a bit too clever for his own good. When someone overhears a throwaway remark of his in the cafeteria about staging a school massacre, the police are called in and a full-scale enquiry ensues. As a result of his infamous ‚big mouth‘, Matt is ostracized by his peers, under pressure from their families. Matt’s parents retaliate by filing their own lawsuit against the school, and Matt becomes increasingly isolated and depressed. But there is one person who believes Matt has been wronged and she is determined to stand up for him. Ursula Riggs, or ‚Ugly Girl‘ as she ironically calls herself, knows what it’s like to be an outsider – tall and muscular, she rebels against the cute prettiness of her mother and sister Lisa by hiding behind a veneer of toughness and defiance, not caring what she wears or what she looks like. The two communicate via e-mail – many times they both come close to admitting the true nature of their feelings about each other, but as many messages are deleted as are actually sent. It is not until Ursula catches Matt contemplating suicide that she lets the barriers down, and out of the crisis the two develop a deep and lasting friendship. Ursula is a stirring heroine, a loner who has few friends yet is fiercely loyal, with a burning integrity. The burgeoning relationship between the two teenagers is utterly convincing, although Ursula’s character is more fully developed than that of the more anodyne Matt. Teenagers will identify with both, and with the pressures put upon young people to conform. Oates also makes some pertinent comments about the fickle nature of some so-called friendships, and how they can quickly buckle under stress. In this scintillating novel, her finely tuned ear for the minutiae of personal relationships has never been better displayed. Ages 13+

Ich habe das Buch mit einer 11. Klasse gelesen. Die Arbeit damit hat sowohl den Schülern als auch mir Spaß gemacht. Der Roman gibt Anlass zu vielen interessanten Diskussionen und Hintergründen, z.B. zu den Themen „school massacres“, „American education system“, „growing up“, „rumours and truth“, „first love“, „civil courage“ etc.

Ein Nachteil der bei Klett verfügbaren Ausgabe ist, dass sie keine Zeilennummern und keine Wortangaben enthält. Die Zeilen kann man aber leicht mit einem selbstgebastelten Streifen ablesen, die Wortangaben könnte man z.B. gemeinschaftlich mit einem Dienst wie Quizlet erarbeiten. Meine Schüler kamen aber auch ohne Wortangaben klar, auch wenn einzelne schwierige Wörter regelmäßig vorkommen.

Bei Schöningh gibt es brauchbares Material, das als Anregung für den Unterricht dienen kann.

Ich kann „Big Mouth and Ugly Girl“ sehr empfehlen und werde das nächste Mal noch mehr Zeit einplanen, um das Buch noch intensiver bearbeiten zu können.

Andreas Kalt


Ein Kommentar zu „Big Mouth and Ugly Girl

  1. Ich habe dazu Fahrenheit 9/11 von Michael Moore im Unterricht gesehen und besprochen, im Zusammenhang mit der school-shooting-Thematik.
    Muss man natürlich sehr kritisch nachbesprechen, hat den SuS aber gefallen.

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